Shoulder Roller, made by Inventive Clinical Solutions, was developed to help patients recover faster from debilitating shoulder problems. The lightweight device was created by athlete and mechanical engineer Josh Long and Doctor of Physical Therapy Daniel B Neff.

Injury Leads to Invention

Company president, Josh Long, suffered from two shoulder injuries within a 5-year period in both his left and right shoulders. His experience with adhesive capsulitis motivated him to find a better way to improve shoulder rehabilitation and conditioning.

In high school, Josh loved playing competitive travel baseball and golf. As a left-handed pitcher, underlying injuries from his youth combined with strenuous workouts led to a torn labrum in 2008. Due to his injury, Josh was no longer able to compete or throw without pain, which led to surgery on his left shoulder during his season.  Surgery repaired the torn labrum with an expected 3-month physical therapy regime. Unfortunately, during therapy, Josh developing adhesive capsulitis (or frozen shoulder) – stiffness and pain in the shoulder joint. It was the worst pain he had ever experienced. Trying to achieve his full range of motion was nearly impossible as his arm would not move without “locking up.”

Josh threw himself into his rehab and, after four long months, Josh achieved 180-degree motion in his left shoulder.

To Josh’s frustration, he later tore his labrum in his right shoulder while beginning collegiate golf.  After surgery on his right shoulder in 2012, Josh was dismayed to learn this shoulder would be no different. His right shoulder also developed adhesive capsulitis.  At that time, he changed physical therapist and worked with physical therapist Dr. Daniel Neff.

During therapy, Dr. Neff helped Josh progress through while keeping a close eye on his mechanics and routine. During therapy, they questioned why there were no updated methods to improve frozen shoulder. They searched for portable technology Josh could use at home but found none that did not require installation.

Shoulder Roller’s Success

Together, Josh and Dr. Neff brainstormed ideas for a better way to improve shoulder mobility. As an engineer, Josh created a prototype of the Shoulder Roller keeping it lightweight for those who cannot lift above their heads. They focused on creating a portable device that could allow patients to maintain and improve their motion from the clinic to home and even to the athletic fields. Keeping in mind that, athletes can use Shoulder Roller to stretch and condition the shoulder joint using proper body mechanics before sporting events. The Shoulder Roller was even used to roll leg muscles before running!

Dr. Neff tested this new device on Josh and then used it with his other patients in his practice in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Shoulder Roller successfully helped hundreds of patients and numerous athletes in a small rural town. Now, Shoulder Roller is available to help countless others who experience shoulder pain every day